As Some Men Grow Older

As some men grow older they grow sillier just look at Bruce
Ruxton old Bruce
He hasn't got much of an I.Q. you might say the man is a goose
His own opinions only matter and if he can't have his own way
He rants and he raves like a spoilt kid though he's over eighty and gray.

But he is well known and quite famous forgive me if I don't understand
Since I'm a migrant in this Country one who hails from a distant Land
One of those Bruce wants out of Australia since I refuse to bow to his Queen
Some see me as quite Un-Australian whatever the hell that might mean?

I must say that I love Australia for Australia has been good
for me
But that doesn't mean that I'm patriotic or with Ruxton I have to agree
I'd not risk my life for any Country and though I'll never become a sage
I'd like to grow a little wiser and live on to a ripe old age.

The words that as people grow old they grow wiser to Bruce Ruxton does not apply
As you will find more sense and more wisdom in the average
primary school going boy
Like a spoilt child who argues with mummy he shouts if he doesn't get his way
And by all accounts he's over eighty and his hair is silvery gray.

by Francis Duggan

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