As Some Men

As some men grow older they do not grow wise
A fact of life many i am sure does realize
The ageing sugar daddy he dyes his hair brown
One of the materially wealthier older men of the town
In his late seventies his best physical years long gone
But the ego in him does keep on thriving on
For a beautiful blond twenty six year old he has divorced his fifth wife
That money speaks every language is a truism of life
He thinks that she loves him as they walk in the park hand in hand
Some wealthy ageing men believe that a woman loves themnot their money fail to understand
And sadly with many sugar daddies it is this way
That money gives rise to arrogance seems true for to say
He has great grandchildren in their twenties as has been told
Some men do not grow wiser they only grow old.

by Francis Duggan

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