As Some Would Tell You

It is true life does not owe us anything and this is how it always will be
And we get from life what we put into it this is how it does seem to me
But some can feel by life they have been hard done by with some justification as one can say
Stricken by fate in a cruel way the strange games that fortune can play
With the lives of good living people some say this is Karma gone wrong
But Karma and fortune are different to different branches of life they belong
Yes life does not owe us anything though some about it have a right to complain
And dame fortune she can be a trickster when one's loss becomes to another a gain
Any two do not see life in the same way we all do see things differently
To me fate and fortune to karma are different though many with this would not agree
In life some people bear heavy crosses and experience great mental and physical pain
Why this should be sets one to wondering and i leave it to the great minds to explain
That why some good people are made to suffer and know of great personal strife
But this is part of our human existence and as some would tell you this is life.

by Francis Duggan

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