As Soon As It Began

Poem By Cynthia Cyanide

And then you were gone
And everything went black,
Everything was so messed up
Since you didn’t come back,

Life had no purpose to me
I was ready to let it go,
No tears ran down my face
I wouldn’t let weakness show,

It was hard to focus on my dreams
And understand “how”,
But when you finally did come back
I wanted to know “why now? ”,

You apologized for your wrong-doing
And I fell for you again,
You ended up breaking my heart
As soon as it began.

Comments about As Soon As It Began

great poem thanks. keep writing! Athena *** words will change the world ***
another great one cynnie.
Protect that heart young lady, guys can be mean. Uriah
As a musician in a band i say this would make great song. You should be a lyricist. Great job cupcake man. -Jeff Bassist in NYJ
hmmm y do i get a feelin i was there when u felt like this...*coughTcough* o man im chokin. but other then tat i love it^^ as i do with all ur poemsso yea im out of things 2 say ^^U so ttyl8z ur best friend, GiR

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