As Space Travelers We Are One

From immemorial time we are travelers:
We are all travelers, space travelers
As a space traveler we are only one.
Running along this vast outer space
All having discrete mind-body outfit
Elegantly aimless and unique grace
Dancing by bouncing up and down
Hopping and skipping around the sun
Indeed many we are in material count
But as fond children of Mother Earth
In Spirit, we are one, truly O-n-e

We live on planet-earth space ship
Bound by mother-Earth’s laws
Breathing under one-wide open sky
Living on mother-earth’s love
Yes, we are one, only one, truly O–ne
So, let us all live, shunning any fight
And share and care in love
Rejoicing in concert as one huge heart,
As we are One, only one, truly O-ne
- - - - - - - - - - -

by Tushar Ray

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