As Success Goes

As success goes the judgemental would say i have not done well
But i have my own little rhyme stories to tell
Of people imaginary or people i know or have known
But the rhymes i do write they are all of my own

I write of Nature's flora and fauna i see every day
Of memories of places from where i live far away
The rhymes that come to me on notebook i pen down
But never for money or any sort of renown

We all have our hobbies in life one must suppose
And in life we make our own friends and some friends can become foes
And in life for one to win many have to lose
Though losing is something anyone does not choose

We all need some hobby to fill in our spare time
And i am one of those who enjoy penning rhyme
And though my best days in life are in the forever gone
I do enjoy rhyming so i will rhyme on.

by Francis Duggan

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