As The Body Gives Up The Ghost

Poem By April Down

The windows dirty
Cobwebs inhabit a hot spot
Silent the spider sways
The breeze from a cracked pane is
Accused of the faint shoves

She sways too
The Joints creak un-oiled
Downstairs you can hear them
Shriek and complain
A scathing sound is the snap and cracking

Frowned upon and pondered too
‘Damn the creaky floorboards’
She snapped, the belt buckles taut
And clasps, a pretty choker
So quiet now,

She falls in a silent manner
Limp and feathery biting dreams
In between her teeth
So close now
So supple, so arctic and blue

The eyes are memorising the inside
Of her lids
Her lips taste salty metallic saliva
This slips from the corners with remorse
The hands are delicate porcelain
And they drift of the side
The anomalous twitch then a static
Stillness, an oceans silent calm
But it’s ongoing
And it’s just so

Beautifully enduring

Comments about As The Body Gives Up The Ghost

wow...the cycle of life...defined by the...bloody activities of a...spider...this is a good one...holy geez...

4,8 out of 5
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