As The Darkness Fades Away

A new day rises with the crows

and the dark night fades away.

As a fleet of fleeting fear

dissipates from far and near

a power rises; Mesmerizes,

Turning darkness into day!

In the air is found relief

when the sun has made its rise.

To myself, I think 'Today,

all my doubts I'll cast away.'

This defines me, and refines me

as the darkness fades away!

Now I see the light of life

as the dark night fades away:

Beaming clearly from on High

through the planet's eastward eye.

All perfecting: All rejecting

darkness, as it flees away!

Always present in the dark

of the cold and broken world

is the light which I now bear;

A light with men I long to share,

To typify, exemplify,

and cast the dark of night away!

by Chris Schleier, Jr.

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