As The Dolphin Cries

I'm a child of a world so far away
Yet I am here

I can hear you
You're touching my soul
Reaching in to the depth of my imagination
You have me in your hold

You're a child of a world so far away
Yet you're here

I can hear your sweet cries
Telling man to open his eyes

You have the power of life
Beyond all human co-operation

They need to open and see
What your saying with your sweet lullabies

You're reaching me
Your opening my blinded lost-once eyes

I can hear you

Your voice

It is bringing me back to life

Yes thank-you I understand
I will pass your word on to man
Open your eyes
Listen to his words listen to the truth he sees

He only is trying to help lost souls like you and me

So open your mind listen with your heart
Believing is where we all must start

We are all children
Striving to be

So reach out, live, join in with me
Pass his word of love
To all you see

This is how life is meant to be
Love for all creatures

Living the Earthly Dream

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What a beautiful poem