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As The Eagle Flies
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As The Eagle Flies

Poem By Donna Nimmo

I would love to be an eagle
I would take off and fly beyond the clouds
If it rained a little, I wouldn't mind
At least I would be with my own kind
I would soar towards the heavens
Might even get a glimpse of a loved one
Singing and dancing in the streets
I have so many times been told
That even the streets are paved in gold
I would notice the pearly gates
And might even see the manions too
Then I would be sad because I had to go
And slowly fly back to my montain top
Till there was a place for me!

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I like it, and understand; fly on...
I would also like to fly like you, I love birds read my poem Mannikin small birds that fly in flocks. Birds are one of my true passions. Our holidays are spent studying them. Loved your poem thank you for your kind comments about mine. If you love nature please read my poem Kruger Morning it is about our special national park which is full of birds and wild animals. I hope it tempts you go and visit it as it is one of the worlds special places.