Just A Mistake

So you thought you had Me
You had such a Blast
You had fun seeing me in my baby Tee
Boy that was just the Past

I really loved You
You showed Consern
But I guess it wasn't True
It was like you took a big Turn

Its gonna be Hard
Not having you Here
Please send me a post Card
When ever your Near

I will cry every Night
And think every Day
But most of all light
I wil remember what to Say

You told me i was Beautiful
And that you would never make me do anything i didn want to
But never once did you tell me you loved me
So i knew it wasn't True

Since I am just a Mistake
I will Let you go
Your not mine to take
Good Bye Joe!

by Cassy Pace

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A great poem and counsel to the humans in better spirits I felt. Likes much.