As The Hours Tick By.. (Sad)

Smile and sigh,
Laugh and cry,
Let loose a single tear.

Every day you try,
Yet in sorrow you lie,
And cast away the preventing fear.

In your heart a constant hurt,
As your feet trail through the sodden dirt,
And track in a mess over the wooden floor.

Sleepily you sit on your bed,
Tired of the pain, tired of the dread,
As these thoughts shake you to your core.

A urge that wishes to be fed,
To let it slide, turn it red,
Let it run to the sodden wood floor...
I really just don't care anymore...

The marks I bare upon me,
A constant and relivable memory,
A reminder I shall always posses.

As I let these thoughts flow free,
I feel my self let loos the pain inside of me.
Letting out all the things I repress.

This is how I always will be,
Until my body is weakened and cannot stand anymore,
And finally I am pulled down to the sodden, red stained, wood floor.

by Poet of the River

Comments (3)

Very lyrical feel, there’s something soothing and sad when I read this out loud, so much longing and grief, keep writing Storm let it spill into words
Very Nice Rhyming, and a distinct word choice :) I Liked It ^.^
Oh! sweetness... this is a Cri-di-Coeur... Wherever your love lives... make it safe!