! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! As The Ink Begins To Run...! ! ! ! ! ! !

A sheaf of papers got swept with the breeze,
Like kites my poems took flight with ease.
I watched as drifted and fell to the ground,
On the freshly mowed grass, without a sound.

by Mamta Agarwal Click to read full poem

Comments (10)

Sometimes our thoughts rise, without blotting paper, they then fly back into the silence of our mind, to return again more clear. You write so beautifully Mamta, they must return refreshed. Bob
good allegorical write, Mamta...the paper there is your mind...soaring like kite and wetted with running ink...both give rise to nice poetic imgeries...thanks...10
how wonderfully you have expressed what we all poets feel but all the same when we express we feel so light.
Dark clouds gathered and hid the setting Sun, Soon light showers soaked the papers, ink began to run, Like salty tears wet the cheeks of an overwhelmed heart. How come I feel free … I muttered to no one with a start. What a wonderful image of night, Mamta. The night has turned into the flow of creativity here. One can easily comprehend that how the overwhelmed heart of of a senstive being could transform the night into an ocean of ink (tears) . The voice and the colors of a true poetess are beautifully muted in this poem. Regards Naseer
Lovely poem with lilting sounds Sure your self search is profound CP
Your rhymes give music and meaning to the form. A very endearing portrait of a poetess, one who is beloved on poemhunter.10, for you. Always your friend, Sandra
Written by a true artist of words. Love your rhyming style as well. Wonderful - a '10! ' my friend. Warm Wishes, Marilyn
a beautiful poem indeed.....perfect rhythm and rhyme..I loved it ma'm....10
When bottled-up thoughts find expression in rhyme, Both the mind and the heart lighten up with time! 10! -Raj Nandy
a beautiful poem with charecters like the poetess, ink, penpaper, a chain of creativity, some lovely musings, some wonder some distraught, many parts of inner human intrigue us, we poor mortals, , what else, , we just 'mutter' in awe in wonder, , thanx