MA (March 27,1951 / India)

& As The Monsoon Recedes

Besides the heady fragrance
Of the wet earth,
Freashly bathed green trees,
(Evoking images of a damsel
stroking her wet tresses)
Garden weeds,
And the sound of the rain
Music to my ears, after
Scorching summer,
Dust storms and hot winds.

I loved the
Croaking of the frogs.
After dusk fall
Twinkling fireflies.
The call of the Cicadas,
Although a bit
Eerie at night.

I would exclaim
Monsoon brings
Wild life
Full of sounds
And pleasing sights,
Though the family
didn't share my delight

Now, as the
Monsoon recedes
I realise, those sounds
Had long since died,
Couldn’t survive and adapt
To polluted environment.
Victims of
thoughtless human activity.

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Comments (2)

The sights, sound and the smell of a receding monsoon are normally missed by the sensitive soul of a poet! The Metrologists feel happy because they are no longer required to make their duff monsoon forecasts! A good poem from Mamta madam! -Raj Nandy
wowowow! ! beautiful..