As The Rain Drizzles Down

The Koroit farmer has reason to complain
Four acres of unbaled hay in one of his paddocks rotting in the rain
An unusually wet Summer in South West Victoria this year
Climate Change has many sides to it or so it does appear
The long drought is over well and truly one might say
But for all extremes of weather the farmer some price must pay
In drought nothing grows in too much rain crops are lost
Extreme weather to farmers does come at a cost
In South Queensland in the huge floods people in drownings have died
And water has covered homes in parts of Brisbane and the surrounding countryside
Compared to South Queenslanders Victorians not doing it that tough
Though having said that things down here bad enough
With the un-baled hay rotting in one of his paddocks near old Koroit Town
The farmer complains as the rain drizzles down.

by Francis Duggan

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