As The Rain Falls

Poem By Zoe SEM

As I walked beneath the rain
I listened to the souls of the sea
Soaked in such happiness and pain
I felt the cold wish to be free

I stared up to face the dark sky
Whilst the wet jewels did fall
Tonight they fall though once did fly
As I stand alone I hear their call

High above the dark clouds do rumble
The sky flashes as my heart skips a beat
As drops turn to waves and down they tumble
While all small life down the hill meets defeat

I then do outreach my arms in love
As I accept all my blessings in strife
All is well if this is the wish of above
As we accepted the greatest gift called life

Comments about As The Rain Falls

a picturesque poem about life great representation and symbolism..marvelous poem!

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4,9 out of 5
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