PE (May 27 / Fort Polk, Louisiana)

As The World Falls Apart Around Me

So there was a boy
he had her heart
he stole it once
and then tore it apart

she's lost it all
so tired of tears
nothing left to break
no use for fears

she's got it all
though she feels so alone
nothing left to do
but return on home

and there's this boy
met him the other day
she's so scared falling
so scared to slip away

seems like she loves
and then loses in the end
and this time she thinks
I won't be the one to bend

she has a chance to make it
no need for someone's help
so in the end she hurts him
but says 'I caught myself'

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Comments (4)

Excellent perspective in this piece. You're gifted.
Nice job, sad but true in many cases. T I once lived in La.; St Amant in the swamps, in an old house, that cared for a few ghosts. T
i like it, good job. i like how it ryhmes and stuff.
wow this is a good poem i love it +10