# As The Year Draws To An End...

What is it about some days
Birthday, festivals and anniversary
New Year and first of January
We wake up expectant and gay…

by Mamta Agarwal Click to read full poem

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Yes, hug someone. We all need a hug. I rejoice at your sentiment. You and I are only four days apart in our birth. How wonderful! GW62
A poem written at the times when such true words are much needed. As the year draws to an end the poem provokes us for a new beginning. Thanks Mamta.....10.
Precious and thought provoking words Mamta, beautifully written. Best wishes, Andrew
Mamtaji, write thing placed in right time...thanks/shyamal
'Times are rough, we try to survive, Mind so cluttered with angst and worry Always on the run and in a hurry, Holidays help to release, laugh and revive'… words true and wise...hold positivity and cheer...good poem, Mamta...10
Mamta, A very good poem welcoming the New Year. I would say: Let's 2008 review And 2009 preview; Celebrate it ha, hi, hoo, Let's all hatred eschew. A very happy new year to you CP
This gracious offering paints a portrait of your strong and beautiful character. Happy New Year, dear Mamta. And thank you very much for the gift of your friendship. Love, SandraX
I never discrete to this poet, new vision of new year days and old golden days let me become part of this new year, wish to hug on you lost lovely days, old December , my heartbeat, want to fun with you let me cross all limits What is it about someold festivals and anniversary and here again I remember that you keep.....New Year and first of January and new bloom of flowers