PP (28 May 1990 / Maphumulo at KZN)

As They Fall Down

as they fall down
so warm and salty
as each dropp touch the lips
they ve drawn the map on my face
the direction and the hugeness of the pain
that i feel inside

its so painfull, its feels like i m dying
my metabolism is slowing down
my heart beats slowly
i cant breath clearly and lively
i feel so weak and useless
its had been tonned apart
crushed into peaces
over that its neglected, its doesnt get love
and suitable care

she is suffering from heartache
its so painful
i cant do anything
she cries, but there is no one
her voice cant reach anyone
its so slow and weak
she want to scream loud to
release this angry, devil feeling from inside
but she cant
she is very weak
as they continue falling don her face

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