As They Were

Self important people may feel that they are it
But they do lack in humility and do not have a sense of wit
At their social eveningswith each other for attention they compete
They are not the type of people i do yearn for to meet

They like to tell anyone they meet that knowledge does not grow on trees
And that their chil; dren are in top career jobs thanks to their uni degrees
For rank and class distinction they do carry the flag
And at their social gatherings they surely love to brag

The humble nowadays fewer in truth it can be said
That in this twenty first century humility is all but dead
One does grow tired of braggers since they are not in the few
To say the Human World is not short of them is not saying anything that is new

They like themselves that bit too much in truth of them one can say
With their bragging pages on facebook with photos of self and family on display
Humility does seem a thing of the past
Few things as they were ever does seem to last.

by Francis Duggan

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