As This World Comes To An End

Poem By Qiniso Mogale

As world super powers threaten war
As world super powers prepare for war
As they assemble their weapons of mass destruction
As they test the might of their weapons
What are the ordinary people doing to prepare
for the next world
As this World comes to an end.

Do people fathom the times?
Do people comprehend the times?
Are people cognisant of the present times?
Do people realize the hour we live in?
Do they realize that in soccer terms this is injury time?
Do they know that the referee's whistle can blow at any time signifying the end of the game?
Yes, the end of life as we know it?
Are people prepared
As this World comes to an end?

The time bomb is about to explode
Life as we know it draws to an end
Christ still knocks on the doors of many hearts
Many still refuse to let Him in
Yet He is the key to the next world
The key to eternal life
As this World comes to an end
How many people are ready?

Comments about As This World Comes To An End

Brave utterances set aside for sober reflection. An insightful piece of poetry written in persuasive expressions with conviction. A Work of an intricate mind. Thanks for sharing bro.
Oh, I love this poem. Christians can see what is happening, relate it directly to scripture but sadly the rest of humanity is totally in the dark still. Every day we get closer to the end of the game. Unfortunately only Christians are on the winning team. Brilliant my fellow poet, friend, pastor, teacher. If skeptics would only realize that God has promised in his word to reveal himself, they too would see what we see. God continually bless your work and family. ++++++10
Yes! ! How many people are ready? Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
As world super powers threaten war and such threatening provokes thought and weapons may bring mass destruction. An amazing and thought provoking poem is shared for awareness. We need peace and no war...10
Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the EARTH, I have been ready, just as an old world was destroyed in Noah's day so it will be with this present system of things only not by water, the new heavens and new promised earth are right around the corner

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