As Timeless As Stalactites

Time drips like lime down the sides of my soul.
Layering my lifetimes with a mineral film
Clouding my awareness of the vastness
Of the cave of my own evolution.

I descend in darkness.
I hear water trickle below me.
Swirling and gurgling through cracks
Rounding them into the veins of this cave's heart.

If I am still, I feel the pumping,
The pulsing of water from its purest source
Out and around the channels of this labyrinth.
I stand in the center, letting it comfort me.

Like a womb.
Like a hermitage.
Like an ancient sacred space.
I feel safe.

I walk alone, deeper into the mystery,
A dim light flickers in the distance.
I see cavemen dancing in flamelight
But they leave no evidence of their presence.

Further on I see the shadow of a man
Folded into himself, seeking some secret
Which I know he will never grasp
Until he ceases reaching for it.

I twist. I bend. I feel my way.
I see the scratches of fellow spelunkers.
I am aware of the footsteps that smoothed my way.
I am impressed by the paths they paved.

But today I go no further.
It is time to turn back.
I return to the world above
Which is really the dream.

I know I will return to this timeless place
And its changes will remain infinitesimal.
I realize I will be unrecognizable to my self,
But the force within me will see all.

by Suzanne Hayasaki

Comments (4)

Suzanne, this is interesting to read with its cave descriptions in your extended metaphor. I’ve never felt this, never thought of this parallel, so it strikes me as stand-apart original. Speaking of literal stalactites, I think of Plitvica in Croatia and Carlsbad Caverns south of me which could be a (long) day’s excursion, both places amazing in their own ways. -Glen
Wow! ! ! ! ! This Has Such A Powerful Beauty! ! ! ! ! Ever So Heart Touching! ! ! ! ! Thank You Ever S0 Much For Sharing This! ! ! ! ! ! Endless 10S! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! +++++.....
Wow! This is the type of poetry that makes this site worthwhile, once in a thousand poems a great one comes along like this! your first four lines captivated me with its uniqueness, and every line after brilliantly evolved to a masterpiece of a poem, your ending is absolute perfection! ! I can see this soon as poem of the day! ! ! Great job! ! !
Like a womb. Like a hermitage. Like an ancient sacred space. I feel safe.. great poetic expressions self revealing....... thank you dear poetess.. tony