CE (June 10,1987 / Memphis, Tennessee)

As Unpredictable As The Weather

You break my heart
Then put it back together
You play games
As unpredictable as the weather
I love you with all my heart
Nothing seems to end it
And I can't remember when it did start
You are my everything
But you can't do it right
You could be with anything
Except me
Unless it was the right time
And then, how perfect we can be!
We can be perfect for each other
We have the best of times
My heart seems all a-flutter
But, there seems nuthing to gain
You leave again
And I'm full of pain
Just so you can break my heart
And put it back together again
Being as unpredictable as the weather

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I like the weather metaphor... it almost feels like rain. Good write, Carrie! Brian