As Water Down A Mountain Stream

Cross my heart in hopes to die.
Cross the eyes to stay alive.
Prick my hands and watch them bleed.
It's proof enough to prolong this life I lead.

Destined I am for something greater still.
But as it stands now, I've had my fill.
Blood will flow as fire through my veins,
When in me, You've healed all that pains.

If You named a star for everyone of my sins,
A single universe could not hold them all in.
That is why I've come here to say,
Dear Father, forgive me and take me today.

When You died a sinner's death, You wiped the slate clean,
And now forgiveness flows as water down a mountain stream.
From this day forward I am only Yours.
Soon enough I'll be knocking on heaven's doors.

by Kyle Bellinger

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