As We Drove Down Through Gippsland

The rain came down in torrents as we drove through Gippsland South
And the paddocks had water puddles and the creeks were flooding out
And the temperatures near zero it was only five degrees
And the wind was blowing chilly it was cold enough to freeze.

The hunched up cattle hungry were bellowing for hay
On Winter months from feeding troughs they don't move far away
The more wet and cold the weather the more fodder they need
And the farmer kept quite busy with hungry mouths to feed.

And all of this reminded me of places far away
Where hill through most of Winter wear hat of white to gray
And rain come down in torrents and cows bellow for hay
And this the Land of sunshine some have been known to say.

As we drove down through Gippsland one morning in July
The rain came down in torrents and dark clouds in the sky
And memories of another Land came to me once again
Of snow capped hills and wind blown vales and heavy Winter rain.

by Francis Duggan

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