As We Have Been Told

Money speaks every language as we have been told
And i would like to grow happier and healthier and wealthier as i grow old
But it is said what we are due from life we receive
If on such a philosophy you do believe

The longest human life in time not a long span
I would like to live on for to be an old man
And have heaps of money and be happy and wealthy till the end
The one without money often short of a friend

Perhaps it is for the poor and the homeless the wealthy invented God
As a means of hope for the World's down-trod
That in their Earthly poverty their ticket to paradise they will gain
Till death the hope of soul salvation in them does remain

My best days it is true to the forever gone
But i do love life and i hope to live on
To pop the champagne corks on a big lotto win
For to daydream of better times never a sin.

by Francis Duggan

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