As We Keep Up The Faith

As you go along each day
ask God to help you pray.
As you continue to seek His face
ask God to bless you in a special way.
As you lean upon the Lord
ask Him to keep us on one accord.
As we know that He's soon to come
ask God to let His Will be done.
As we keep up the faith
we must continue to pray
and turn from ungodly ways
the Lord will bless us all the days.

by Lagranda Dickerson

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I 100% agree with you. I loved how you wrote it until the last couple of lines when you lost the rhyming pattern you were using. Just a suggestion. After the line god let his will be done why not try........ Through faith we keep our spirit whole and God will guard our heart and soul so turn from our ungodly ways as God will bless us all our days Just an idea to help the flow. Blessings Jan