As We Live

She had known him for a month in time not a long span
But in him she felt she had found her right man
True love in her young mind did blossom and grow
And the one in love has the bright inner glow

She felt meeting someone so special she could not even have planned
They walked in the park in the sun hand in hand
He was tall dark haired and handsome and muscular and strong
She felt that together they did belong

Such joy in her life his arrival did create
And when they made love the feeling was great
He made her feel special in every long lingering kiss
The feeling of true love in her mind was bliss

That was two years ago now she raises their baby boy
Her brief love affair it did not end in joy
He had left her to raise their son on her own
The man she thought who had loved her she had not even known

The man she had loved and trusted had left her in tears
And the pain of lost love will linger with her for years
For some lessons in life in grief the price we pay
And we learn as we live it does seem this way.

No joy on the poor side of the town
Without shelter living and sleeping rough
They only ever know of life as tough.

by Francis Duggan

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