WMP (October 1951 / London, UK)

As We Sit Back.

Conflicts continue to rock our world
Which I naively hoped would resolve themselves
Countries supplied by weapon salesmen
Which continue to bring starvation, disease
And only war.

Humans have a unique way of cruelty
So many civil wars, I have lost count
Together with our subtle ways of dissent
Black against white and vice versa

Why must there be Poverty in rich nations
The spokesmen for our religions
Foment paranoia and bigotry
How many millions more must die
In the name of God.

Man never seems to learn from conflicts
I always wonder which companies, chemical and otherwise
Benefit from terror and death

I suppose people do not care for each other anymore
The old adage, ' I'm all right jack '
Should fly aloft like flags
I am tired of the news
I tire of them that care only for themselves
As the world plunges into the abyss
I cover my face and weep..

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Comments (4)

Hi Willow, I share your concerns about this world. I am glad you are not just sitting back. A wonderful way to bring attention to the horrible state of the world. Sincerely, Mary
Dear Willow, You all coming through loud and clear, Willow. This planets' status is in dire jeopardy and it sometimes fills me with rage at the stupidity of the human species. Believe it or not there are good people striving to set some of these issues aright but one has to wonder if in fact it is far too late. Whenever I write of these horrendous events transpiring in our world, many people say that I am dwelling on negativity. I keep telling them that I write in that manner so as to shed a spotlight for us humans to look upon what is wrong with a scrutinous eye and finally get off a fat asses and start doing something about it! Yes, Willow I hear you loud and clear. Gregory
You've made your point exceptionally well, Willow. When we learn that greed isn't good, we'll start to see a glimmer of hope.
a poem filled with compassion wisdom truth given to the world and the world should listen in the end must listen else total mess a wonderful poem