NB (12/25/1975 / Armenia)

As We Spin- A Political Hack's Best Friend

As we sit on the earth and spin,
Have you ever thought about the wind?

It was created only because of our spin,
Does that mean without a spin there would be no wind,

How is that possible,
How could that be true,
If that was true on the earth,
Would it also hold for the moon?

Frankly speaking most never think it,
But haven't you ever wondered how that made it,
Those moon pictures,
Those rocks,
That flag,
Didn't it look a great deal,
That they weren't made on the moon at all,
Are were made on the earth instead.

If this were true is would a revelation,
How about every twenty hours,
We celebrate a revolution of the earth,
With our spin.

Next when you think of the wind,
Remember this there would be wind
Without the spin!

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