DZ (It was many and many a year ago / In a kingdom by the sea)

As Wings On Wind

I dared to know a forbidden mind,
Innocence imprisoned in darkness,
One soul trapped beneath fear, in irons,
A kindred spirit bent beyond reason,
                                        Beyond despair.

With fluttering of muted breath,
So soars the defiance of tears,
And beautiful are words that beckon, a touch,
As wings on wind would be,
                                        I sought for her.

Whispers harkened to fortell,
Wise words spoken and unrequited,
Secrets beyond young years, a promise,
As I thirsted for such compassion,
                                        I yearned and fell.

Alone, in willful submission to love,
One emulous heart so longing,
Neither student nor teacher, rather both,
And so it was that I turned to you,
                                        And found myself.


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Comments (3)

Hail! Poet! Beautiful, Burlesque, and mystique words, Claims, climbs the Great Poet for those Poetic realms. An immense, immaculate, impeccable wrought. God Bless you.
I really liked this poem David.. you've done a great work here! well done HBH
I found myself hummiong 'The Wind Beneath My Wings' after I read this lovely poem. And your last words brought me to tears. Raynette