As Wings On Wind

I dared to know a forbidden mind,
Innocence imprisoned in darkness,
One soul trapped beneath fear, in irons,
A kindred spirit bent beyond reason,
                                        Beyond despair.

With fluttering of muted breath,
So soars the defiance of tears,
And beautiful are words that beckon, a touch,
As wings on wind would be,
                                        I sought for her.

Whispers harkened to fortell,
Wise words spoken and unrequited,
Secrets beyond young years, a promise,
As I thirsted for such compassion,
                                        I yearned and fell.

Alone, in willful submission to love,
One emulous heart so longing,
Neither student nor teacher, rather both,
And so it was that I turned to you,
                                        And found myself.


by David Zvekic

Comments (3)

Hail! Poet! Beautiful, Burlesque, and mystique words, Claims, climbs the Great Poet for those Poetic realms. An immense, immaculate, impeccable wrought. God Bless you.
I really liked this poem David.. you've done a great work here! well done HBH
I found myself hummiong 'The Wind Beneath My Wings' after I read this lovely poem. And your last words brought me to tears. Raynette