As Wrong As Right

I wonder

How many Da Vinci sketches
ended up erased
or thrown away
in aggravation

I wonder about Ptlomey
about Einstein
about Galileo
of Thomas Aquinas

did they wander
or wonder
through theological

'cause that's all it is-
a life of wonder,
as we wander

there is no definition
….no numbers
no absolutes

only Blunders
only Mistakes
only Trials
and 'Maybe'

(time is a truth)
and we only know its
forward motion
until we glance back

they were all as wrong

as they were right

for a time

by Cee Bea

Comments (1)

Totally enjoyed this poem! ! I have often wondered about how the great masters handled their written thoughts, you have touched it wonderfully in this poem. This poem is subtly profound - great poem! ! ! Thank you for sharing it. RoseAnn