As You Celebrate Your Birthday Today, My Heart And Mind Battles

*So as you celebrate your birthday 26th today my mind want to wish you a happy bithday.
*My heart on the other hand, that know your betrayal ways don't won't to allow me.
*My heart that's been in the same battle with my mind since I was 18 years old.
*A battle that, no matter the outcome each round, or which side wins I end up angry, upset and heart broke.
*I would like to hear your answer to that question.
*You know it been 5 years,5 years you have played with my heart.
*Yes, my heart has been broken, on many occassion, by many girls, this being by far the worst because how you continue to drag this on.
*I blame myself impart no doubt, my inability to see, and neglect of a problem that's been clear as day.
*On a couple different occasions, I have been strong enough, believe it or not to move on, but for some reason we never leave it alone.
*How do you do it?
*How do you possess the ability to insult and compliment in the same sentence, very convincingly might I add.
*An insightful mind knows better.
*A heart in love don't know any better, it tends to take only the good out of most statements.
*Between the 2 love always win that fight.
*I'm a confused mass now.
*The mind want you to never comeback around.
*The heart just want things to be how we know they can be.
*Which is right?
*What outcome would be best? How would I know?
*Questions I'll never get the answers to out of you, who clearly can careless.
*So as you celebrate your 26th birthday today
*I guess it's only normal that you will occupy my mind all day.
*But baby it's sad to say, I don't know if you attended to make me feel this way, but I never though I see the day that I, I don't love you anymore.
*I ask my self this, Is it true? Is that coming from the mind? or is it the heart attempt to mend itself?
*And the battle continues, God will it ever end?

by John Dunn II

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