OE (25th November,1976 / Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.)

As You Go

What else would I say?
But to wish you the best in life
Still remembering the times we spent together
As you go away.

How more, could I express my joy?
But to dance to the tunes
From the news you sent
As you go to a distant land

How then, would I spend my time?
To be lonely or party around?
Tell me my lovely friend?
Who would take your place?

Who then, would I share my pains with?
To be in pains and pretend not to be?
Tell me my friend?
Who would take your place?

As I received your news with affection
Still praying you get the best over there
If I cry all nights; ’ cos I’m lonely
Who would console me, in my times of trial?

To say I’m short of words
Won’t do any good
For time heals wound
As you go to the lands afar

Remember you’re there
But your pictures still in mind
More tangible and evergreen
In my mind and yours as ever,

As you go afar
Do me some good
Paint our friendship in gold
And hang it always, on the sands of time
As you’ve always done; my friend

If only pictures could talk
Who am I? To say No! to such
But that won’t do;
‘Cos you’re more precious than such.

I pray you get the best over there
As you’ve always done within and around
Still and always on my mind you’d be
As you go miles away.

by Okeke Emmanuel

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