As You'Re Gone Forever

Feeling left out,
In this happy celebration of New Years Day.
Sitting there,
Feeling Numb.
I felt out of place,
I’m not supposed to be here.
Remembering happy memories from the past,
Making this day dreadful.
I wanted to be with you,
But you’re gone.
I wanted to see the smile,
That lightens up your sad eyes.
What is there to celebrate?
Why should this be a happy day for me?
It never will be now,
As you’re not there to fill the emptiness.
I just went to bed,
I wasn’t tired.
I needed to get away from happy faces.
To listen to a song that reminds me of you.
As the music played on,
Sad tears rolled down my cheeks.
Sobbing my heart out,
On wishing you back.
Remembering our happy days,
When I could touch your delicate hands.
But there’s nothing there to touch,
Except from the wetness of the damp pillow.
I was in the need of a warm cuddle,
A cuddle from you,
That always fights my bad feelings away.
But now that you’re gone,
I have to suffer,
And fight the badness away myself.
It’s not easy for me,
I used to always depend on you.
Now I have to be independent,
As you’re gone forever……

by Hazel Mc Taggart

Comments (2)

Sad, but certainly heartfelt. A difficult subject but very well written and expressed. Brian
Touching.. The pain you feel is so real and you make the reader feel it too.. Excellent. Take care, Martine