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As You Sunk
NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)

As You Sunk

Poem By Not Long Left

as you sunk,
tears fell and heads were drooped low,
as gravel and grit,
filled your pit,
i beckoned you goodbye.
as i both once did to the melting winters snow,
but you shall not return when winters sky lets you go.

the sky seemed withdrawn, and soft with pity,
the wind felt inrusive and somewhat jealous,
and as tears showered down from those in depair,
it suddenly dawned on me that you was not really there.

and in a crowd we stood alone,
some in the arms of others,
dressed in black, as if marking your new sight,
which as we all know it the darkness of night.

neat coloured flowers scented with another mans gain,
will also weaken and weaken,
and together shall you been the same,
and that coffin oh that little wooden coffin,
when did you get that small.

how did you shrivel and shrink before our very eyes,
it was as if nature was telling us lies,
it was so unplanned and i was so unprepared,
hence why greiving is not always shared.

so please,
do not judge me for tears i did not shed,
it was just that i wasn't ready to except you where dead.
you was never supposed to join the eternally asleep,
and still after all this i could not weep.

some said it wa shock, other said denial,
others said it was simply a case,
of it taking a while.

the night i heard the news that you had gone,
i felt both sadness and joy,
for i knew that you had held on till you saw my little boy.
and that image of innocence,
shall carry you through into the garden of the dead,
giving you peace as you rest in your eternal bed.

lest we not forget you,
your smile face nor smell,
nor withdraw and retreat to our shell.
death is dressing me,
life is now stressing me,

i hath returned once to visit you,
and an eerie feeling i felt,
and as i knelt by your soggy mound,
witnessing the demise of the withered flowers,
which were left to rot,
matter it did not,
i know see,
once you sunk,
now you have risen, released from the prison.
i wait
to meet you again.

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