(13/12/1947 / LONDON)

As You Turned 1962

As you turned
I saw how the sun
lit up your hair

and your eyes stared at me
and I saw reflected
two of me

staring back.
We'd just left the church
after Sunday service

singng in choir.
We walked
at the side

of the country road together
towards the bus stop.
Are you allowed out

after dinner?
I asked.
Doubt it,

you said.
Not for tea
at my parents's place?

I can ask,
you said.
We waited on the side

to cross the main road.
You looked wonderful
standing there

so full of life and wonder.
We ran across the main road
when we had a chance

and waited by the bus stop
Hope you can come,
I said.

I will ask,
you said.
But you never came

so I assumed
you weren't allowed.
I mused on the Friday evening

before choir practice
in the porch,
holding and kissing

in the shadows;
the moon bright
lighting up the night.

by Terry Collett

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