As You Wait For Roots

If not today, comes another day to transplant
Into bigger pots seedlings which sprouted
Tiny leaves, roots like tiny lips seeking
Sustenance from the ground, leaves
Unfurl shaking against the brisk
Wind blowing bigger plants
Off their sturdy roots
Uprooted soon,
Their growth
There's no hurry,
Each root steadied
Your steps as you wait
Leaves need to be laid out
Productively, in alternating pairs
The best design to push your growth
Farther out of the encompassing boundary

by Doris Cornago

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In the photo are weeds spreading farther where water and sun are plenty. They may be eye sores to some, not as distinctive as ornamental plants, but weeds also have a role to play for birds and animals who need what nutrition they can give. Your function may be limited only by how you perceive and define yourself, not a weed as to be worthless.