KSL (July 18,1991 / Clarksdale, Mississippi)

As You Want Me

I'm sick because I tried too hard
To make you like me more;
Wanted to be the one you liked:
Too much to ask you for.

Almost gone, the life of me-
Just will enough to say:
Pathetic. I know, but I needed you.
My reason to cease the day.

Why'd I try so hard to love-
When I'm clearly just the wind?
Brushed right by you everyday,
But a smile you wouldn't lend.

Tragic how I wasted time
In worlds of fluffy dreams.
As I shout these words, you still-
Seem not to hear my screams.

How you found a piece of me
Then broke it in to more.
Almost had your heart and soul...
But you needed me no more.

Clouds of sleep surround me now;
Comfort before demise.
Fighting for a glance from you;
Not ready to meet the skies.

Crossed my T's...and dotted I's:
Just guess it wasn't enough.
Dig my grave; you cold, blind twig.
I'm glad death's not so tough.

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Langston Hughes


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AWSOME! ! ! wow that was really good.lol so dark it was beautiful! i love dark poetry.lol~Hazel