LCW (27.03.73 / Northumberland, England)

Asbo City-Fun

Crash, smash a flying bottle
Enters my back yard at full throttle
I missed the little blighters which is more than a pity
But thats just simple run of the mill when you live in ASBO City

The party starts at twelve a.m. the music plays til three
I wouldnt really mind so much
But THE WOMBLES aint for me!

Up pulls a local taxi van
Intoxicated youths on board
They've hopped over next doors garden gate
Coz the fare they cant afford

The impatient taxi driver rings on the neighbours bell
Until he finally realises a rat he starts to smell

'Hey mate' he says 'I dont suppose'
'You've nine unruley sons'
'They owe me ten quid taxi fare and have left their bag of guns'

'I'll sue the little buggers if my boss gives me the boot
And what the hell am I meant to do, with their bloody bag of loot'! !

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Lisa, another great write here. I love the underlining humour. I have a friend who was riding his horse on Wimbledon Common and was confronted by a womble that needed an ASBO. My friend went one way and the horse another. Top marks for this piece. Thanks for sharing it my friend. David
My gosh, I cannot believe how true this piece is. You have truly captured the image of the ASBO within this spectacular piece. Congratulations indeed. jw
Kool poem Lisa.10/10
Great fun, Lisa. Enjoyed this one. love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Lisa Another credit to your poetry list such greatness I love Everyday poetry, writing about what you see and hear you have done the subject sheer justice, such a brilliant poem from a tallented writer, cheers Sylvie
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