Ascend Through The Spheres [rev.]

Listen, he said, mind learns to make images and gain
control over its surroundings and until physical release
into the higher reach of vibrational frequencies, it is
trained through its creativity here on earth

Mind learns to control space and time since the mind
exists forever and grows more individualised through
experience; as we think we shall be, it's our destiny
to triumph over earth-life; then death severs matter

And mind, which moves to high frequency vibrations
interpenetrating the same space as the observable
earth - millions of finer globes merge together on the
surface of a sphere where we'll exist after Earth-life

Where vibrations refine mind as we ascend through
the spheres - where it all leads is an open question,
all this enlarges our vision and leads us to increase
effort towards perfection; thus we create a meaning

For life on earth which gives the discerning mind a
whole new purpose…

[14 November 2014]

by Margaret Alice Second

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this very lovely poem Margaret, it's a classic