! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Asexual Reproduction

Glint of your eyes
And the afternoons on your lips
Set desires afoot
They traverse alley
Of bones and flesh
Till they resurface
As an afternoon glint
On my new set of eyes
Nurtured in your bone and flesh

by Frank Lisa IndiRa Francesca Roger Platt Cornish Martin

Comments (5)

such grace... and such mastery too...
''Glint of your eyes And the afternoons on your lips'' The poet suggests the renaissance of love.When two souls become identical in love and they realize their eternity, when the material is ignored by love in itself , the asexual reproduction seems to be more exactly the definition of this act.10++++
its amazing i think the best imagery ever!
wow the glint of the afternoons setting on my lips and the thought of the reproduction in amoeba in my guts making me sick -10 anjali (do read mine THE KNIGHTLY WARRIOR)
I loved it all. I found 'afternoons of your lips' so enticing and adored how the glint of another's eyes gave you a new set! Skillful writing....Karin Anderson