MH (Oct 1st 1990 / Detriot)

Ash Misguided

Wrapped in black
Old, dirty, dusty, damaged
Held inside is something beautiful
A cold vacant stare
Breaks passed the overnight smell
and old particles of hair
Something beautiful is in the shell
Wrapped in an old dirty jacket
I see you when the sun peers over trees
but we can’t see it here

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Comments (5)

Well-written, can we see the beauty when its covered by less appealing outer garments? Thank you for posting, L&T
Symbolic in every way is this piece of yours. What an excellent piece to read.
Indeed - a multisensory journey...a mystery...the imagery... I liked this on a first read - great stuff, Moth!
all the way down to smell on this one, you've hit every sense. The imagery is raw and vivid, and there's something else going on i can't quite place. Great stuff!
There is some symbolism in this one, and it went with the flow. NICELY DONE! ! !