I am so ashamed of this lie
I just want to cry
I am living on the dark side of the earth without you
And the worst part is you never knew
You know, something’s got to give
I need a chance to live
My love for you is my own parasite
I can’t win this fight
Did you know that you own my soul?
You are the only remedy to make me whole
So go ahead, cut at my heart some more if you want my screams
I wish all of this was a dream
I am afraid, but for you I will take the greatest pain
Until the cries will no longer restrain
I know I will never be like her
But please, stop stirring these feelings
All of this is starting to confuse me
So don’t diffuse the line between life and death
I can’t feel anything anymore
I am trying to find heavens shore
But you keep pulling me back
I need someone to help me get my life back on track.

by Christina Shischell

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Unhappy poem for more reasons than one- youth needs to lean too much on others. They will learn better but unfortunately not in time to avoid needless bad decisions and heartbreak. Young people need to fulfill themselves- not ask others to do it