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Ashes In The Wind
AR (3-2-1945 / California)

Ashes In The Wind

I threw her ashes to the wind
But they blew back in my face
Is she trying to tell me something
A history between us I cannot erase

She lived too fast for her own good
Now I’m the one who has to act tough
Still in death she wants control
Though buried deep, not deep enough

She chased the wind and who knows what
Speed produced her ultimate high
Petal to the metal was her creed
It was her pie in the sky

Wish I could have been more assertive
And played the role of a real man
Instead I let her take the lead
I was but a pawn at her command

I threw her ashes onto an endless highway
Not thinking she would ever come back
But like the wind her ashes followed me
Wanting to keep me on the right track

What is left when what you loved is gone
I know misery will forever be my twin
She made sure of that
When she asked me to throw her ashes to the wind

Like a boomerang her ashes return
Burying me in a cloud of doubt
Will I have to live in her chosen graveyard
Until the last of my days run out

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Comments (2)

Touchy, especially, last stanza.10+
Yes, I recon you will have to live with that choice, like I do...this made me have to think..I try not to..iip