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I remember the city of Ashland of old,
When I was a young boy and I was so very bold,
I rang the old bell in front of the old police station,
I did it for fun and pleasure, and not for a donation.
Now I read a sign, and that bell has been sold.

I walk through Ashland on the once busy street,
I see no one there for me to chat too or even greet,
All the patrons now go to visit and shop at the mall,
The buildings of Ashland are so tiny, once they were so tall.
All I see now is asphalt and miles of un-walked concrete.

The many business’s of Ashland they are no longer there,
But, we still have the churches we still need a place for prayer,
The toy stores and the retail stores they are all gone,
The only types of stores that are opened, are liquor and the pawn.
I look and I look and I see them everywhere.

I walked to the corner in Ashland where Santa once stood,
I remembered smiling at him and telling him I have been good,
To my sadness that corner he doesn't visit it anymore,
I guess he has just moved into a warmer mall store.
Then and there, I have lost my own childhood.

I went to the city of Ashland with such excitement and joy,
As when I was young to window shop or maybe buy a toy,
Now all the windows are painted and the doors are all closed,
This is progress and the future, I have supposed.
I truly miss the city of Ashland I remembered when I was a boy.

Randy L. McClave

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