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Ashland Tomcat

I don't remember that much about high-school
Except that when I went I was just a fool,
I remember not caring and always skipping classes
While always having an eye for all of the pretty lasses.
I do not recall many if any of my past classmates
Maybe I will chalk that up to my luck, or unto the fates,
I do though remember going to some of the school's ballgames
But, if I were asked to remember the players, I wouldn't know their names.
I didn't go to any of the school dances or even to the prom
But, I do remember my name being called on the school's intercom,
I remember the day and year when from school that I graduated
I was free from homework and tests, I was happy and pleased and elated.
I remember the day that all the girls at school sat and cried
It was as though as a loved one had just left or even had died,
The tears were brought unto them by "the ends"
As they would be saying goodbye to new and long made friends.
Some graduates have become lawyers, nurses and teachers
While others have become soldiers, union workers, and preachers,
But, since then I have traveled across the world to many lands
I have met many different cultures and I have listened to many bands.
To remember those days of school I will have to always look
Pictures and memories can always be found in the school's yearbook;
But, in our yearbook my picture was never taken
I never wanted to be remembered, alas I wanted to be forsaken.
And still unto this very day,
I still remember the colors of maroon, white and gray;
As I still try to remember this, or try my best to recall that,
One thing that I will never forget, I once was an Ashland TomCat.

Randy L. McClave

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