I knew a girl ever so sweet
Had life struggles that rooted ever so deep
Had a personality
And she could even speak
This girl never appeared to be weak
But, her heart would cry out leaving her to weep
I would joke with her
I knew she was strong, I was sure
She would tell me her problems
Looked to my book of answers, no way to solve them
I would stand next to her
Show her that it was okay to feel defeat
I mean what more in this life can we expect
And it adds up quick, the regrets
I would love to help her
I would love to shelter her
She had a heart that was oh so kind
Could never imagine any man saying “it’s mine”
I mean what a girl
Queen of her own world
This girl is special so me
She makes me smile
She makes me happy
And her name was a simple one with much meaning
This girl was my dear friend Ashley

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Comments (1) know i gotta comment on my poem! ! ! ! woot woot! ! ! ! love you Vic! ! and the poem! !