HP (08-07-1975 / Kansas)

Asian Delight

Asian Delight

Vivacious Vixen off the base
Slant eyed Sex Goddess sweet to taste
Peddling her pretty yellow delicate flower
Pounding out the enlisted by the hour
Smiling innocently when she greets
Kindly massaging numerous meats
Tenderly tenderizing stiff necks and heads
Whisked away too early from their beds
As quickly as she came is as swiftly as she goes
once money exchanged and your fluid flows
Distant pleasure in far off lands
Keeping service men happy no need for hands
Wives at home unaware
Grunts and leathernecks lustfully stare
At Asian Delights as she peddles on by
Wishing her pleasures on them she'd ply
Yellow flower and orient spice
firm muscles and a mouth too nice
Always the days go by long and slow
Till the night when she comes by with love to sow
Asian delights peddles away
The men are serviced
Longer they still wished she would stay
But Asian delights has a pimp to pay
So, on she travels mile by mile
Leaving all relaxed with a wink and a smile
Till the next time they come with money in fist
For her services again they once can enlist
Yellow flower Asian Delight
We wish you a short day..and a long good night

To SS with love

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