EH (July 5th 1986 Cancer's Stand Up! / Fayetteville, North Carolina)

Ask, Believe, Receive

Ask, Believe, Receive
That’s been my mantra since the secret was exposed to my psyche
The three step process Oprah assures will bless me with whatever I want or need
Let’s see…
My mother tells me if I list what I’m looking for in the perfect woman, she will come to me
So I guess I’ll start there

I’ve always been intrigued by a woman with a spirit I can feel
With some people, you just know when they enter the room
Their aura hits you like a sonic boom...
Their fervor and zest for life smacks you in the chest and back like a thunderclap
Yeah, I’m lookin’ for someone like that

Someone with a sense of adventure and inspiration to travel
Where my sidewalk of expectations and limits ends, hers begins
A woman with a sense of culture, good music and art
She sets herself apart from what’s normally seen

I’m not looking for a goddess or queen
Give me the chamber maid
Or the Creole dish washer from the kitchen
With thick skin developed from the whelps and lashes of life
Only to smooth them out as we vibe on the dance floor
Mimicking the idiosyncrasies of intimacy effortlessly

I want a woman who pushes me to be the best I can be
But knows when to follow and let me lead
Trusting me, Loving me

We will explore that realm together holding onto universal truths
Not limiting ourselves to one idea, but spreading our roots to all possibilities and logic

She reflects the beauty inside I described imperative for her to have

She gives me hope when I’ve been stuck with less in that category
No more days of me trying to save them
She’s already been baptized in the waters of decency and how to be a lady…In the streets at least

Sexually? …Stupid plus one equals one intimacy plus me equals we divinity
Those...soft kisses on eyelids and tip of the nose holy trinity
That...making love so loud neighbors call the police insecurity
But it’s all ok because when true love’s involved, that stuffs natural type purity

Basically, that’s it
I’m asking for these traits
Believing their coming to me
All that’s left…is to receive

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Edgar Allan Poe

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